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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Smiling Lily!

We received a wonderful surprise yesterday from our agency...recent pictures of our little Lily! She looks really happy and well taken care of.  I have been waiting to see her smile and I didn't know if I would see her little smile until after we came face to face...so this truly was a special gift :o)  It is bittersweet to see the pictures and see how much she has changed. It just makes us want to leave right now before she grows anymore. She also seems to really enjoy her stuffed animal panda. About a month ago we were able to send her a care package and that is the panda we sent her through ladybugsnlove.com. We also sent her a small photo album with pictures of us in it and a camera. We hope they are using the camera for pictures that we will develop. It would be so nice to have for Lily. So...here is our most recent picture of lily!


  1. What a cutie! Praying you can travel soon.


  2. I just saw this!!! She is precious! OH WHAT A GIFT!! God has her in HIS hands and will place her in yours SOON!! excited with you!

  3. Hi Stephanie! Congratulations on your referral of Lily! She is absolutely adorable and I know she will be well loved by your whole family! I would love to catch up with you sometime but I don't think I have your email address anymore. Would you send a message to my junk mail box (solicitationsbox@verizon.net) and then I will email you from my personal account? Thanks! And again, congratulations to you all! We will keep you in our prayers!

  4. She is beautiful! Praying for her and your whole family!