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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The little face that stole our hearts

Tuesday, September 20th was the day that we were able to see a picture of our daughter for the first time.  And God is so good!! He answered our prayers.  It had been only 4 days earlier that I was praying earnestly...I wrote in my journal:

"Waiting has never been my strength.  Every international child I see catches my eye.  I question, did we choose the right country?   Did we choose the right time?   Did we choose the right agency?  Can we do special needs?  This is hard LORD...do you want this for our family?  Do you have a child for us?"

I will always remember that day and the strength that I saw in Darren's faith.  Our agency called him and told him that they had a referral for us (that is when the agency has a picture and a medical report of a child that they feel would be a good match for us based on ALL the paperwork they have for us).  This was not our first referral.  Darren called me to let me know that the picture and paperwork were being sent to us through e-mail.  He was on his way to the office to see it and I was in Charlottesville for a homeschool co-op.  I told him that I would have to go to the library to get to my e-mails.  So me and Ryan were off to the library to see if this was the one...the little girl who would become a part of our family.  After I saw her sweet little face, I went back out to the car and called Darren.  We were both sure she was the one.  We always hoped that God would make it clear to us.  Over the next couple of days, we continued with more paperwork and I felt my fears rising.  Again, the questions...was she the one?  Can we do this?  Lots of What ifs.  What pulled me through was Darren's faith.  As my fears were rising, his faith was rising.  I am so thankful for the man I married and how God gave him strength for this journey right when we needed it!

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