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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 more day before we travel home

Today was a big day as we headed off for the US Consulate to take the oath and submit Lily's final paperwork to obtain her Visa so she can become a United States Citizen. We took a short ride to the consulate and were joined there by other adopting families. We were there for only about an hour. This was the final step in the adoption process. Tomorrow we will get Lily's visa and we will be ready on Friday to travel home, as a family of 7!

We have met a lot of amazing families and have seen God's hand working through the hearts of many. There are about 30 families adopting just in our hotel. It is an awesome witness of God's love for His children. There are so many great stories including a child who was adopted just days before her 14th birthday when she would have not been able to be adopted. We have also met several families that have adopted 2 or more children...many with special needs. We've heard about many different ways that God has provided finances for these families to adopt through friends, family members and their Church. God is clearly at work as James 1:27 is lived out. It is great to see God's people praying, encouraging and supporting families pursuing adoption.

Just a couple pics of Lily waking up from her nap today


  1. It's good to be done with the ppwk. Enjoy your last day in China and we will see you soon!

    Bracco Gang

  2. Welcome home (you should be there by the time you see this)! I continue to pray for the transition as Lily adjusts to her new surroundings. Her smile is contagious!

  3. Welcome home, Painters! I hope you're having a great day. Lily is so beautiful. Praying that the adjustment is smoother than you could have asked or imagined! Love you guys.