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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painter's on Tour

After the Great Wall, Rocky, our tour guide, had a few other things planned. We did a Hutong Tour. We got to ride in rickshaws to visit a family and see how they lived. This is a very old part of Beijing and we learned alot about how families live. Each room in the family home is significant and is set up based on very old customs. The Grandparents have a very special place in the family and have the most spacious and best living quarters. Our guide for the tour was awesome. His name was victor. See him below in the blue coat. He was so enthusiastic and really made us feel welcome. Rocky our tour guide and the very nice lady who lived in the home we visited is on the left.

After the Hutong Tour we went to the Tea House. We really enjoyed relaxing and trying all the different teas. Our hostess told us about each tea and showed us around the Tea House. We found some great Tea to buy.


  1. So glad you all got to see our favorite things in Beijing. Sounds like a busy, but fun day.

    Bracco Gang

  2. What an educational experience on all sorts of levels! Blessings abound. (The internet is cool -- love 'following' this journey in nearly real time.)