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Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Tianjin to Guangzhou

On our way to the airport we stopped off at a market in Tianjin to do some shopping

Daddy, Mommy, and Lily at the market

Heather and Lily

We didn't realize that we were going to have to stop for pictures as we were heading to the bus to leave for the airport

And they just kept coming with the cameras

Brother and Sister bonding at the airport

Once aboard the plane, Lily did great on the 3 hour flight to Guangzhou

Not sure China Southern Airlines has ever seen quite so many stickers on their tray tables or food on the floor

At about 8:30pm Lily began taking matters into her own hands

I got this one...

Glad we had an extra set of hands


  1. TOO ADORABLE!! She has to be the cutiest little girl. What a blessing God has given to you guys. And what a great family God has given to sweet little Lily. Love you guys ~Lisa

  2. She is so sweet, and seems to be doing well. Thanks for updating everyone. We are loving the pics.

  3. stephanie and family,
    It just blesses us so to see how she is the perfect fit for your family. I am so happy for you. we are all praying and hope you will enjoy your new experiences. Sending some hugs from Va. to you!

  4. She is so cute. Love her smile. Glad she is adjusting so well to family life. Blessings